Jan 25

Athletic Field Liners And Covers

Have you notice a plastic sheet that is used to cover football field and baseball fields during heavy rains or during off season? Then you know what at athletic field cover is. This field cover is made of a similar material as a pond liner, only most of the time is thinner and lighter. Sports businesses around the world values and protects their playing field. These fields are not used for sports games but are also often used for other various other events.

Uses of Athletic Liners

It keeps the field dry despite of showers or heavy rains.

It reflects heat and light away from the field.

It reduces the Greenhouse effect on the field.

Unlike canvas tarps, the liners made of polyethylene do not rot, mold or mildew.

They are much effective during heavy storms and floods.

The cover prevents damage of the grass in the field.

Reinforced polyethylene liners are water resistant that is ideal for the application that will prevent the water seepage into the ground. These RPE liners and covers are sure to withstand for 20 years. These athletic field covers come with durable pull handles on all sides for easy deployment and storage. The RPE is made out of of a high density polyethylene scrim, coated with a low density polyethylene coating.

Customize the Liner as You Wish

The athletic liner comes in several gauges, which can be prefabricated by the manufacturers to whatever size and shape you need. This allows you to save your time and money in the installation process. The covers are UV resistant and has an excellent tear property. Athletic liners use ind playing fieds can also be used with geotextile fabric underlayment or overlay that that protects the liner from possible puncutre. Geotextile fabric is engineered to withstand filtration, soil stability, separation, drainage and gas transmission, cushion and liner protection.

Liner and vapor barrier use state of the art seaming equipment that makes the welf very durable and can last just as long as the liner. If you have a project that involves field cover or liner for your athletic field, ge the best price for the most suitable fabric for your application. Contact the liner fabricators direct.


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