Apr 02

Choose Small Colleges for Athletic Scholarships for Less Competition

If you are looking for an opportunity to play your sport at the college level, small colleges’ athletic scholarships may be the avenue that you have been looking for. When everybody else is only targeting the bigger schools, you can target the smaller schools and really put yourself in a great position to get an athletic scholarship.

At present strength training influences every athletic program in the country, no matter what the sport is for male or female. Basically the improvement in sports performance over the last ten years has been incredible. Now the student athletes are running faster and jumping higher and getting stronger than ever before. To earn athletic scholarships, this is really essential for athletes to strength train and participates in conditioning programs to better prepare themselves for the rigors of the athletic season.

Basically the strength training is not just lifting weights like a body builder. This kind of training could actually make you slower if it is not done properly. Incorporating body weight, resistance bands, medicine balls, plyometrics and Olympic lifts are a much better strength training choice for a student athlete to improve their chances of getting that athletic scholarship.

The actual advantages of a sports specific strength training program are numerous. The athlete will not only build a solid strength base (which is key to ALL athletic movement patterns), but the student-athlete will also decrease their risk of injury; increase their speed, quickness and agility; increase vertical jump; make bones, ligaments and tendons stronger; and boost the athlete’s confidence in and out of the classroom. And if an injury can occur to an athlete who has been strength training properly, it will almost likely not be as serious and will tend to heal faster.

Every year the NCAA gives thousands of scholarships and spends millions of dollars on the education of student-athletes, but the process of earning a scholarship isn’t easy. During these days getting an athletic scholarship is really a daunting task. That’s because natural talent alone isn’t enough anymore. These days, it’s as much about private coaching as it is about getting exposure in your sport.

So the best way to target these smaller schools is to be in direct contact with the coaches. You need to market and promote yourself and make sure they know about you and your athletic accomplishments. Not only that. You have to show your effort in front of the coaches. Basically Small colleges’ athletic scholarships are far less competitive if you do make contact with coaches because many of these smaller schools don’t have the recruiting budgets to send their coaches all around the country looking for prospects. Most of these coaches will be glad to hear from you.

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