Feb 21

Correct Running Techniques Include Proper Breathing Control And Intensity

Breathing with the speed of the runner control is very important, with the number of steps with breathing is a good practice. Maintain the average rate, the breathing in step 4, step 2 inhale, exhale when accelerating to 3 step, 3 step breathing, oxygen consumption at 2 spit 2 to the principle of absorption.

Control of the maximum intensity of jogging exercise does not cause harm to the body is important.
Control is the key to determining the most appropriate degree of intensity of operation, that is, the elimination of pace. First understand the heart rate response to running in the running speed to be adjusted. Repeated attempts, it is not difficult to find the right speed. In the fitness industry in general to promote such a calculation formula for personal training intensity heartbeat: (220 – age) – resting heart rate per minute 75% + resting heart rate per minute. Example: age 40 years, resting heart rate of 80 times per minute. Is (220-40) – 80 75% + 80 = 100 75% +80 = 155, ie the most appropriate training heart rate was 155 beats / minute.

Inexperienced runners, due to start running too fast at some time ago, and soon the heart rate response to the state over its ideal heart rate, so that half run very hard. Therefore, those with poor speed control, you can start running after 5 minutes, measure the heart rate response, and then adjust their running speed. So practice, soon you can be well equipped with speed control. General the number of young people the ideal exercise heart rate may be 150-180 times per minute between.

In addition, running before and after the warm-up and stretching exercises will not save it in addition to the occurrence of injury prevention, exercise can reduce fatigue and soreness.

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