Mar 25

Running After A Hamstrain Injury

Popular activities that people participate in to maintain physical fitness and improve cardiovascular functions are jogging and running. Such activities always have the potential for injuries which can put an athlete out of action for days, weeks and even months.

Hamstring injuries are common and debilitating injuries amongst joggers and runners. These injuries are actually a type of muscle strain and many people often ask how soon they can start jogging or running after picking up a hamstrain injury – should of course be hamstring injury.

Hamstrings are comprised of 3 different muscles situated in the back part of the thigh. This muscle group is so called because should they be cut a person would be unable to walk in other words hamstrung.

The 3 hamstring muscles are the semitendonous, semimembranosus and biceps femoris and deliver the power required for walking and running strides (attached behind the knee and bony prominence part of the buttocks). Sprinters in particular often develop more powerful quadriceps and hamstrings for enormous speed out of the starting blocks (quadriceps muscles are found in the thighs frontal area).

Hamstring injuries occur when a runner suffers from severe stress, hasnt warmed up properly or stretches too energetically resulting in pain when bending the knee and backward movement of the thigh.

Hamstrains (hamstring strains) are classed as first degree, second degree or third degree type injuries. Injury severity of the hamstring will determine when running can commence.

First degree injuries are a few minor tears in the muscle and heal well using ice and proper rest. Second degree injuries are moderate tears in the muscle and pain occurs over a larger muscle area compared to first degree injuries (muscle becomes weak and stiff and could turn blue and black). Third degree injuries results in the

Mar 24

To Bare Or Not To Bare Barefoot Running

Most runners fight injury if they stick to it long enough. It would be hard to find many marathon runners or even recreational runners not plagued with planters faciatis, shin splints, hip problems or as in my case two stress fractures. Why do runners get so many injuries? I think I finally found the answer after much searching. Because we run with shoes.

Shoes, the comfortable, cushiony, protective, supportive footwear we have all been led to believe will keep us from getting injuries. Just as for centuries people thought the world was flat, the age old theory that shoes protect and provide is crashing to it’s death.

What is the strongest architectural structure? The arch. We have a weight bearing arch on our foot. It is the pinnacle of strength. Modern, high tech running shoes put pressure on the underneath side of the arch thus weakening this perfectly constructed load bearer. The results? Injury. Who would build an arched bridge and then put pressure on the underside of it? No one. The results are the same.

I read a study of a man who had fought running injuries constantly, yet after he started to run barefoot his shoe size actually shrunk 2 sizes as his arch was strengthened. The shoe companies cause foot problems that never were a problem. All runners have read horror stories about pronation and super-pronation, but are these real problems or are the shoe companies just trying to “fix” something that isn’t an issue if left alone. Show me the studies proving superpronation is a problem to the body. Shoe companies invent problems then sell expensive shoes to fix the problem, thus creating the problem! What a group of suckers we are.

After getting so excited about all the articles I had read on-line about

Mar 23

Waterproof Running Shoes Made With Breathable Fabric

Today’s waterproof running shoes are made mostly with a breathable waterproof fabric. An example of this fabric would be a material called Gore-Tex. But what exactly is this fabric and how does it function? Well that is what I will be going over in this article.

A waterproof breathable fabric is a membrane made up of millions of microscopic pores all packed tightly together. These pores are designed, size wise, in such way that they are small enough to prevent water from entering the membrane but large enough to allow water vapor molecules to escape out. So basically your body heat and perspiration are allowed to vent out as your level of intensity increases, while preventing outside elements such as rain and snow from entering your shoe.

There are is another material used that helps the membrane function correctly. An oil resistance material is integrated into the fabric to help protect the membrane. Over time oils from outside elements as well as oils produced by your body build up and can cause the membrane to function incorrectly. The oil resistance material aids in helping to prevent the the membrane from breaking down overtime.

Additional the membrane is treated with a Durable Water Repellent. This Durable Water Repellent or (DWR) helps to prevent the membrane from becoming soaked with water. The repellent causes water to bead up and roll off the material. This allows the surface to remain dry enough for body sweat and heat from the body to pass through from the inside. This treatment helps the membrane maintain it’s breathable feature.

The breathable fabric is a very handy feature to have for folks wearing waterproof running shoes. Especially when wearing them for long periods of time. It is also a very important feature to have as well. By

Mar 22

Terrafrog Athletic Wear Announced Huge Random Acts Of Kindness Week Event

Edmonton, Alberta, February 12, 2014 – Women’s sportswear designer, TerraFrog Athletic Wear, announced the company will hold a huge, unprecedented Random Acts of Kindness Week sale online at . To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, TerraFrog has activated a randomized discount code to generate discounts between 10 to 50% off. The sale will run from February 14 to February 20, 2014.

“We thought this would be a fun way to bring attention to Random Acts of Kindness Week and remind people of the importance of doing good deeds,” said TerraFrog Director, Cori Windsor. “The discount code is programmed to generate randomized discounts between 10 and 50% off. Our designer yoga and athletic wear is already very competitively priced, so sales of this size are few and far between.”

Online customers wanting to take advantage of the Random Acts of Kindness event can go to TerraFrog’s online store at between February 14 and February 20, 2014 and enter the word RANDOM in the coupon box at checkout. The sale applies to all regular and sale priced items including designer athletic tops, technical clothing, yoga pants, and TerraFrog’s famous Pop Bottle Hoodies made partly from recycled plastic containers. Shop early for best selection.

About TerraFrog Clothing Corp: TerraFrog Clothing Corp. is a Canadian athletic wear manufacturer providing unique, high quality yoga clothing to individuals and select retail outlets. TerraFrog is well known for their exclusive, trend setting designs and styles. This stylish sportswear company limits the number of pieces they make despite consumer demand.

TerraFrog designs can be purchased directly through the TerraFrog website or at select retailers across North America.

About Random Acts of Kindness Week Random Acts of Kindness Week occurs the second week of February. It is an unofficial holiday increasingly celebrated

Mar 22

Athletic Training Salary – Specialized Job Salaries

One of the most lucrative careers today is the career of athlete or sportsman. And for success most of them require good trainers. Naturally top level athletic trainers are in high demand these days. Such trainers help the athletes to come in best shape by sharpening their skills and motivating them to progress steadily on the path of success. Salaries of the trainer would be dependent on their skill levels, qualification levels as well as efficiency.

Athletic Trainer Requisites

Usually the bachelor’s degree would suffice to get one the job of athletic trainer. However, fierce competition in the zone has prompted many of them take to master’s degree. Top class trainers may have doctoral degrees as well.

Athletic Trainer Features

Long hours of works, at times extending to late nights and even taking away the weekends with them are quite common features of the job. Job of athletic trainer is not confined to the training of sportsmen but these days their services are also requisitioned in physical training institutes and hospitals where there would be requirement of physical training for combating illness or physical hazards.

Nature of Jobs

Basic job of the athletic trainers is to prevent as well as treat injuries in people in all ages. It is not only the professional athletes to industrial workers. Patients and clients include everyone and they come from every age. Specializing in prevention, assessment, as well as treatment of injuries especially those relating to muscles and bones, these trainers ensure that the injuries are not further aggravated. However, they must be able to recognize the type of injuries. Salaries of the trainer would be commensurate with such capabilities.

Athletic Training Salaries and Prospects

Job has good prospects. Projection is creation of around 6000 more

Mar 19

The Styles Of Discounted New Balance Running Shoes

New balance running shoes appear in different styles. This varies in color and gender for which they have been designed.

Mens Dark models

The new balance running shoes come in different styles and color. Most athletes, both professional and training ones have not thought of shining in the dark models. For that reason, this comes to introduce the dark models of shoes; majorly for men that will make you glow amongst your colleagues. Some of these dark styles are discussed below together with their distinct privileges.

The New balance MR1400 v1 GID- this is a pair of male shoes that comes in Blue and yellow colors. Producers tag it to be ideal for fast runners. Also, they are suitable for running on flat surfaces more than on hilly grounds. This however does not disqualify them from the list of shoes that can run on those hills and valleys that you might prefer to use when exercising. What is more, you can use the shoes to run from 5 Kilometer distance through marathon races.

New Balance 980 GID- this is another replica of the discounted new balance shoes that are designed exclusively for men. Just like the MR1400 design, the 980 model is effective for every day running. Both types of shoes have reflective properties. This implies that they have the potential to reflect light back to the atmosphere making you to just glow. More beneficial to this property is the fact that the reflection enables the shoes not to absorb heat. As a result, the temperatures of your feet will be fairly equivalent to that of your body. This automatically improves your comfort. The shoes are also effective for a balanced foot motion. A long running athlete will tell you that their motion is always neutral if they at all

Mar 19

Do You Overpronate How To Cope With Overpronation When Running

To most runners, choosing the right running shoes can be a though decision to make. This difficulty is due to the variety of brands and models available in the market, and the shoe should also fit the runner’s foot type; it’s why the expensive shoe is no always the best option for many. Runners who overpronate need special shoes that fit their unique condition.

What is overpronation?

First you need to learn what is pronation? Pronation is a normal part of the running process; it happens when the foot hits the ground as the weight gets shifted to the front of the foot and you push off from the toes. See! There is nothing wrong with pronation, but some runners overpronate. And running does not cause overpronation; it’s the way it was made from the factory!

The overpronater runner faces many problems. This problem produces a lot of pressure on the lower leg, muscles and joints. This increases the likelihood of developing shin splints, hammertoe and other serious running injuries.

As a result, paying close attention to your own foot type can help eliminate the above problems and make your running program more enjoyable.

Do you overpronate?

Runners who overpronate usually are flat-footed. There are 3 foot types and the flat foot is of them. You can learn your own foot type by doing the wet foot test; just step in basin of water then step on a dry surface. What you will discover-usually if you are flat-footed-an imprint that shows almost your entire foot with little or no curving or arch.

Running shoes for overpronaters

If you overpronate, then you need shoes that can are designed to prevent this condition and help alleviate the risk of injury. This kind of shoes should satisfy these 2 conditions:

– You need

Mar 15

Myths & Reality Behind College Athletic Scholarships

Are you having a strong passion for getting a College Athletic Scholarship? Are you familiar with the athletic recruiting process? Are you aware of the complete procedure involved in getting an athletic scholarship? Do you think that securing a prized college athletic scholarship is a damn tough task? Well, the truth is that it isnt easy, but still possible. Thousands of students are getting this prestigious scholarship every year. But, there are several myths that are demotivating the students. These common lies should not be taken seriously at all. Some of the myths and reality are listed below:

Common Myths & Lies

Myth 1.
People say that if you are not an elite athlete, then you cant get a college athletic scholarship.
This thinking is totally wrong. Even if you are not an excellent athlete, you can still get the scholarship. The huge majority of college athletes is not elite players, but many of them are still getting accolades.

Myth 2.
Dont believe when people say that if you are living in a small or rural area where there is not any athletic recruitment, you will not be able to get a scholarship.
This is nothing but garbage. Yes, it is difficult to get the attention of coaches in college, but still one can grab many opportunities by showing great skills and getting noticed among athletic recruiters. Participating in camps and colleges helps a lot. Good performance in tournaments and championship games never goes away unnoticed.

Myth 3.
You will be completely wrong if you think that you are not as good as college athletes coming on TV.
Pure rubbish it is. You see NCAA Division I athletes on television, who belong to the most competitive level of college

Mar 12

Research Prove Steroid Alternate options Deliver Athletic Benefits Superior To Anabolic Steroids

A breakdown of semi-skilled and skilled sporting performances much more than the previous 7 many years have left North American scientists crediting individuals of anabolic compound dietary nutritional supplements with greater final outcomes (in terms of muscular endurance and electrical power feats recorded in the course of athletic actions) with greater enhanced and complete athletic efficiency than individuals folks who chosen to make use of anabolic steroids far more than this identical time period. Merely place, the close to-steroid buyers beat the steroid customers the huge bulk of the time in their picked sport, all other components the same.

This investigation broke down individual sporting competitions in the fields of track & topic, sprinting, Olympic lifting, and diverse other aggressive arenas from 2002 by signifies of 2009. The findings astonished numerous experts and totally countered the prevalent perception amid most researchers in the sporting globe that steroid people are almost continuously stronger, more swiftly, and considerably better at sports than their friends who only use organic health dietary supplements or no dietary supplements at all.ll.

Scientists are conflicted as to the main trigger the “close to steroid” finish people experienced been ready to out-carry out their “juiced” counterparts. The prevailing notion among most researchers is that the harmful implications of anabolic steroids (such as hair loss, acne, depression, anger handle issues, and depressed testicular testosterone production carry out) triggered what was largely a “step back” for steroid individuals, whereas the athletes making use of steroid alternate choices have been capable to continually use their items with out break. The use of “cycles”, or minor intervals of use, adopted by the identical intervals of non-use, is a single of the essential excellent factors athletes will make excellent good elements then “hit the wall” halfway by signifies of an athletic season. Users of substitute

Mar 11

Nike Air Force One – The Evolution Of Athletic Shoes

In recent years athletic shoes have come to the forefront of fashion as well as use for sports. The term originally was coined for a style of footwear that is manufactured specifically sport physical activities such as sports. It is meant to provide comfort and proper support so you can compete at the top level. Athletic shoes are quite different from the usual dress shoes that you see on all the runways and fashion shows, but they play a much bigger role in fashion then they used to. The emergence of ever popular Nike Air Force Ones played a major role in this transition both due to their look and their effectiveness when it comes to sporting activities.

Athletic shoes are referred to by a different name in a number of different countries. In Britain they are commonly called trainers; Canadians call them runners while people in Australia call them sneaks. Either way the simple fact of the matter is that this style of shoes is simply the best for whichever sport you partake in. Originally athletic shoes only referred to sneakers that were intended for running marathons or casual jogging. More recently the term is used to review to sneakers that apply to all different sports such as basketball, football, rugby and tennis.

While there are definitely certain brands and style that relate to differing sports, Nike Air Force Ones are popularly known as being perfect for all kinds of events. Some people choose to wear them on the courts while playing street basketball, some use them to play baseball, some use them for jogging and some use them to partake in a full fledged game of tennis. Often times, people use these shoes for casual wear or as practice shoes, but with each day you can

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