Feb 23

Running For Weight Loss – How To Lose The Last Stone Or Less

As you keep using running for weight loss there will come a time when you have less than one stone (14 pounds) to lose to reach your desired weight.

This can be the hardest of all the weight to shift which makes it very frustrating. You’ve put in plenty of time and effort to reach this stage but then you find it very difficult to get over the final hurdle.

You’re almost there but something’s holding you back from the breakthrough you’re looking for.

The key here is to look at the type of running methods you’re using. Are you using the same methods and strategies that you’ve always used, and if so why?

The running methods that work for someone who needs to lose half of their body weight are very different from someone who needs to lose a stone or less.

Why? Because they’re likely to have very different running abilities.

What may have really helped you lose weight in the past no longer works because your body has adapted to that type of running and it’s become too easy.

Your body needs more of a challenge in order to keep improving your running and calorie burning ability which will allow you to keep losing weight.

If you already have some running experience and are down to the last stone or less then you’ll have the ability to run at a variety of speeds which means you should be taking advantage of this by completing a variety of running methods.

You’ll also be able to use much more advanced running methods than when you first started using running for weight loss so you should also be taking advantage of this.

Don’t stick with the same tried and tested ways that have helped you lose weight before because they’ll stop working as your weight decreases and before you reach your desired weight. You’ll hit a plateau in both your running and weight loss efforts.

Try to progress to more advanced running methods and strategies as you lose weight and increase fitness.

By doing this you’ll keep progressing with your running and weight loss rather than using methods that were once effective at helping you lose weight but are no longer so.


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