Apr 05

What Do Coaches Look For During College Athletic Recruitment

Being a high-school athlete, you probably nervous and anxious about the College Athletic Recruitment process. You might be having a great deal of apprehension about what Coaches look for during College Athletic Recruitment. Well, stay calm and go through this write-up to get enough information about what Coaches actually look for during the College Athletic Recruiting Process.

To cut a long story short, Coaches are always looking for athletes who have a strong desire to play their sport in college. If you’re passionate about your sport, keep in that:

Your skills exhibit your true athleticism: Colleges coaches simply want athletes who have the requisite skills to play the sport and score well . Generally, coaches can determine your strength and knowledge through play and tape. As such, your skill set should be wide enough to exhibit your true athleticism.

You have to have good grades: College coaches would never want to waste their time with players who do not have the grades to remain qualified to play at college level. This is the reason why athletes who usually get good grades also have an obvious benefit in the recruiting process. If four or five athletes are contending for the same sport, the one having the best grades is already ahead. I can’t stress enough; grades are very important in the college athletic recruitment process.

You are coachable: College coaches prefer to sign only athletes for their sport program who can easily learn and are eager to be trained. Remember, coaches dont want athletes who are ill-mannered, do not pay attention or are likely to cause disruption to the team.

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